Meet the Co-founders

Recognised as ‘Innovation Champions’ by the Queensland Government in 2014, Sharon and Sam have been delivering programs, events and activities that challenge young people to build their own future through entrepreneurship. creativity and curiosity. 

Sharon Hunneybell

TECH with Style Co-founder

A curious geek that loves making stuff.   With over a decade of experience in software development and project management and a lifetime of tinkering and tailoring in my art and sewing studio at home, STEM with Style is the melding of these worlds into one crazy, innovative package.

Sam Winter

TECH with Style Co-founder

The original ‘glamboyant’ online fashion entrepreneur, Sam founded an innovative online female fashion and beauty brand ‘Sassi Sam’ in 2005 that served as one of Australia’s first online independent entertainment news portals, bringing fashion and beauty news to hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month.  With a passion for sustainability and conscious consuming of fashion, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to STEM with Style.