Step into the future with Fashion Tech Workshops, Patterns & Kits

Tech with Style workshops and kits are designed to help young people develop Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths (and Art) skills through a creative journey of reinvention and re-imagination of clothing using simple electronics and new production technologies.

Start your journey as a creator

Garments that cost less than your morning coffee, made by exploited workers that end up in landfill.

In the last 50 years, fashion has become one of the most environmentally and culturally damaging industries on the planet.

Don’t be a consumer.  Be a creator!

Learn how to upcycle, reinvent and reimagine your favourite garments with Tech with Style.

and a conscious consumer

"A Beautiful Collision of Science, Engineering and Art"

Technology enabled fashion is functional, clever, creative and fun. The world has been obsessed with throw-away trends for far too long, it’s time for our clothes to become something more – a statement, a tool, an artwork.

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